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tv   Headline News  RT  August 18, 2014 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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ready for a battle for the office speech and now the financing costs. the street. police once again. protesters in the u.s. town of missouri. extended into a second night. at the first trucks from a russian humanitarian convoy is finally at the ukrainian checkpoint ready to go here and international we get inside the truck to see what it is exactly they have inside. and with the. set to expire. suffering here on the network we report on a. particular. being held for a month and is really to. live
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from moscow on a monday morning this is aussie international with me wrong thank you for joining us today and we begin with the violence in the u.s. city of missouri. again short rounds of tear gas against protesters rallying over the killing of a black teenager by an officer last week there are also reports that demonstrators of throw molotov cocktails in response. has now come into effect for a second night following more than a week of demonstrations there are also calling for the police to stop their crackdown on the peaceful protests across. joining us live good to see you just off the one in the morning your time the curfew is in effect the latest scene
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. already we're just a little over one hour into the curfew and as we speak everybody just seems to be holding their breath to see what happened because just hours ago here gas is being fired to the extent where we have not seen this entire week even though police have been using tear gas and rubber bullets throughout the last seven days since these clashes began last sunday but certainly tonight has been quite unprecedented downtown and reuse really just kenyatta hectic situation where children and the locals were scared as including journalists we know that two journalists were arrested and lee to be released for us when we were reporting at the scene where the clashes had been taking place police were saying the media has to move out of the way because we were in the middle of a crossfire otherwise we would get shot and a group of journalists had to obviously get out of their way in just a very erotic scene just hours ago and last night when the first night of the
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curfew took place the scene was just kind of chaotic again tear gas and clashes break out in a little more than an hour since the curfew was imposed and so far it's quiet on the streets for now but we have to remember that throughout this entire week of violence has prevailed on the streets between protesters and police many people here really don't understand why these heavily militarized tactics are being used against protesters because from what we're hearing on the ground despite the force of the mounted cocktail being thrown some reports suggest that this is really an excuse and not exactly the case that we need a reason to use these heavily militarized tactics to tackle protesters because from what we've seen there have been times when tear gas was used against protesters and they in fact were being quite peaceful so all of the first seven seven days now into this madness following the death of unarmed eighteen year old michael brown killed by multiple gunshots by a police officer this community is asking for justice and accountability they're not getting answers to the questions that their friend this man. on bravo here on
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the ground where he is in no. way did he how about the rattle throughout the night with the curfew the extended curfew now sixty four minutes into it. and i thought he is going to live and focus on missouri keep an eye on it we'll keep an eye on you as well thanks very much well other protesters claim the police aggression against focus and demonstrate is severely out of proportion vehicles have been deployed to quell the unrest the images from one of the rallies show an officer wearing some pretty serious combat gear in fact his quick includes a military helmet a time to cool goebbels as well weapon of choice possibly a grenade launcher or to a gas launch of that also could shoot many little bean bags out of there as well and on his hip he's got a pair of big old knives that's all to mark mason an activist from the occupy movement he's worried about the militarization of the police. what we have now on the streets these are not police these are paramilitary troops you go to central
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america and sure going to find the same thing i cannot over emphasize that i'm old enough to see a very very frightening transition in the united states where the militarization of the police is a movement by. the owners of this country the last year alone in two thousand and thirteen one year the u.s. pentagon donated more than four hundred million dollars almost a half a billion dollars of new material great equipment to police departments in the united states that's one year old lone almost half a billion dollars of material they are not trained to use this material they don't know what they're doing with it and we should not have paramilitary troops not on the streets ferguson and not in the streets of central america either this is clear violent state suppression of dissent. the first of almost
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three hundred russian trucks destined for eastern ukraine are at the border checkpoint waiting to be let through it's taken three days numerous huddles a great deal of uncertainty to kiev to finally accept that the convoy was in fact carrying only aid and not weapons as you have were saying before the vehicles undergo the very last inspection rif an option and jumps inside the back of one to see what it is exactly in carried around in the big rig. these sixteen tracks from the russian humanitarian convoy others first to reach the russian ukrainian border they are now parked here literally meters away from donetsk is right in a border checkpoint earlier today the cargo these trucks are carrying has only been inspected by the representatives of the international red cross and now we're going to do the same i'm going to pick up the truck and really is going to open it for us . military to see here's the truck is on.
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it's about the last. reason we're simply carrying it. wasn't gone by our book wait. it's buckwheat and their bags are just in case anyone suspects it's guns and munition or something else like weapons of mass destruction. it is tells me that each bag is fifty kilograms and there are one hundred sixty bags here which means a tool to hold. eight tons and this is he tells me the maximum or what they struck can carry where these trucks are now ready to cross the border to deliver its humanitarian cargo to those in eastern ukraine who are in desperate need the driver as we have been able to speak to here told me that there will be two more inspections at the checkpoint from the russian and from the ukrainian side
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and after that security will be the major challenge for these tracks as the convoy is supposed to travel through regions in eastern ukraine where clashes are still continuing right now r.t. russian here kryten border. the convoy is heading for the struggling population of eastern ukraine right back continue to suffer the nonstop attacks they are the ukrainian army is aiming to sever connections between the two largest cities don't yet see and lugansk here in order to do so though they're trying to take control over dozens of small the whole towns peppered along this main route here now if we can bring you up to. right there anti-government fighters managed to destroy one of the rocket launchers the army uses to shell that area also in right there would also come under heavy fire many houses razed to the ground and all of you believe though the most important town is my key for right there in the middle because of its proximity to torne yes it's basically as close as you can get to the city
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without actually being in the city itself now fighting there doesn't stop even at night and half of the town has been extremely badly damaged and if the army succeeds don yet school be completely blocked from the only she mentor tearing corridor all that's left of the city's health already has already warned people that the water supply is being cut off there's no electricity in most districts and delivery food and drinking water only arrive once every several days and on top of the bombs and rockets continue raining down killing dozens and destroying what little people have left. who. is ensure that with those. but it's just. for the for for this this is good like it was. nothing else for trying to that's the trouble that i was not just going to the
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military when i was i was actually a long so very you know you're only allowed in the. cities to move. meantime on the diplomatic front some progress has been made in an attempt to resolve the ukrainian crisis after a two month hiatus top diplomats of a germany france ukraine and russia have been given direct talks another try it's all going on in berlin and noughties peter all of a has details well after five hours of what seemed to of being quite tough negotiations at times we heard from frank walter steinmeier the german foreign minister saying that some progress had been made he talked about what is being discussed in this meeting between the foreign ministers of germany france. and russia now he said that they were looking at how to up border security from the russian ukrainian borders also that they spent a lot of time discussing the ongoing humanitarian disaster in the east of the
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country in the ended by saying this all of the foreign ministers will be reporting back to their relevant to their own presidents and heads of government and that they would be pushing for more negotiations in the future in terms of what we've heard from other representatives at these meetings the ukrainian foreign minister pablo claim can he tweeted as he was driving away that it had been five hours of very tough negotiations but that it would take perhaps five times not before any real steps were taken towards a peaceful diplomatic solution to the crisis in the country and with regards to russia so again allow for over now he's going to be meeting with journalists here in central perlin he's going to be running through what he took away from this meeting it does seem though that there have been some steps taken forward but there's a long way to go before any real framework for peace is put in place and these negotiations look set to continue for a long while yet. reporting that now we are expecting the russian foreign minister
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started to laugh it off to give a live news conference in the next hour there's hope for you on the progress reached during the talks about and do stay with us for that if you can in the meantime on our website auti dot com you can find out how kiev doesn't seem all that ball that over the whereabouts of a russian photo journalist missing in the country for two weeks now. and still to come here on the program one of the international the u.s. steps up its offensive in iraq american the warplanes support kurdish forces in an assault on the country's largest. that's while the british prime minister calls for even more involvement in the fight against jihad. and they say lightning never strikes the same place twice but that's only if you don't have one of these machines right there that is able to domesticate.
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it was very interesting because they were dropped out of the sky the roar back up that would shift across a few degrees. and do a circle and come back at a speed but you know just astronomical speeds. on merit in the financial world. stocks only take credit. in life there. those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria but we still should be doing everything we can do for the free syrian opposition who will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government
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and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists. are again the garza we go where large crowds have taken advantage of a temporary ceasefire to protest against israel's military offensive the truce is set to expire later today with three is growing it will mean yet more bloodshed until now the conflict has already claimed nearly two thousand palestinian lives and left many more scarred both physically and mentally artie's harry fear has the story of one man who's been left literally speechless by what's happened to him. after a brief from the north and west bank is still unable to speak properly or move his legs following twenty eight days of israeli detention the thirty year old was returning home having attended job interviews in the united arab emirates when he
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was arrested at the crossing point between jordan and the west bank which is in part controlled by israel almost a month later he was released into palestinian jurisdiction in a critical condition with his medical records withheld doctors say when he arrived at the hospital he was rigid unable to move his wife says he could move nothing by his eyes and appeared to be dead or a kid i was really frayed for him is the type who can't handle insult and humiliation and you must have been a very difficult experience for him he's an extremely sensitive person and he does not except in subtle humiliation. a high flying computer engineer who was apparently a normal health until his arrest. doctors say he was injected with unknown substances that shocked his system sending him into a comatose state and the patient was given medicine during his detention which are
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known to us that the emergency room of a hospital presenting symptoms of stroke and he was shaken his lawyer says israel claimed he was a member of hamas and supported the movement something his father vehemently denies and i know my son he doesn't. remember any searches even but even how much he was happy even anybody and he just being at least thirty years he just good with his home with his family with his war with his job until a few days ago was mute and unconscious now able to mumble words he took hours to tell his father he did allegedly undergone harsh treatment forced into stress positions and kept in total isolation in what he called a black hole all of the i didn't see him i did didn't allow me to see him or even see him a field research or for an israeli human rights group says the evidence suggest
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mark was subjected to treatment but exceeds israel's own red lines it seems that he was broken psychologically africa did from the atmosphere of detention from that we deal with him no one from the israeli prison service or army was available to respond to these serious accusations but a spokesperson for the defense ministry said no one is ever detained without a security matter connected to them one of the victims neighbors visited him at the hospital he too alleged he been arbitrarily targeted at the same crossing ten days ago i was on my way to saudi arabia and they sent me back from the border this is another example of the daily abuse imposed on people not just for their being palestinians without having committed any crime. investigator abdul karim. dump its policy of restrictions since the beginning of the recent gaza conflict
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sometimes you don't get the two hundred to three hundred person. and this is i think just clips of british mint mosque case although on usually sivia highlights the tight control that israel's army and ministry of defense have of the palestinians freedom of movement both inside and while returning to their own occupied territory the message from palestinians here is that it's not just the blockaded gaza strip that is at the mercy of israel's security operates this harry fear r.t. the occupied west bank because many more stories for you line up on the web site for you this hour including well you might use a push to trusted r.t. reports from a conference held about wiki pedia very mucky side of the world's most popular online encyclopedia. the height of all for free i'm over a million incredible photos have been taken from the international space station
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since it first took to the heavens of the start of the millennium and we've got the pick of the bunch for you. for now in the program the u.s. has stepped up its airstrikes in iraq carrying out the largest military operation since the official withdrawal of troops and twenty eleven american warplanes have targeted the positions in vehicles over she hardest helping kurdish forces to retake control of iraq's largest dam the strategically important facility supplies water and electricity to the north of the country and were seized by islamic state militants earlier this month is the mists of managed to take over large areas of iraq the territory to the north and declare a caliphate. this is the u.k. prime minister has actually called for a broader so curity response towards the threat posed by the islamic state he claimed humanitarian efforts are not enough to cope with the issue. and suggested using the country's military to destroy the caliphate sociologist an expert on iraq
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sunny and i danny says the british arming in support of rebels in neighboring syria that's been forefront inspiring on the shihad it's in iraq this is something. the british government should have thought about. when it started funding arming the various groups in syria said to you over ten billion pounds were spent about fifteen billion dollars and some estimate psyches. and within the context of syria would figures are not available but certainly britain. tens of millions of pounds on the. top to destabilize syria basically and make it open to all these terrorist organizations these terrorist organizations were created used used by by the west some factors including including britain. and as the
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british leader calls for more involvement in iraq let's look at what the previous campaign cost numbers showing here that there were forty six thousand british troops deployed to the country though nearly one hundred eighty of them were killed the government expected to spend two point five billion pounds though the actual cost was more than three times higher most of the spending went to the military with only five percent going towards the aid efforts or let's get some other headlines in brief for your world of face time here on r.t. international to pakistan tens of thousands of anti-government protesters on the streets the opposition announcing a forty eight hour ultimatum to the current prime minister nawaz sharif telling him to resign and also urging pakistanis not to pay their taxes or utility bills i please estimate around fifty five thousand people replied the center of the kind i had to the liberian capital where a quarantine center for ebola patients has been attacked and looted by
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a crowd claiming the current epidemic is. at least seventeen patients reportedly escape while ten others were taken away by the families of the attackers sparked fears the deadly virus will now only spread. to indonesia where thirteen more survivors have been found after a tourist boat sank on saturday a two foreign nationals still missing what is more than a dozen people on board the boat when it hit a coral reef and went down just off the coast of indonesia. now the founder of wiki leaks whole whistleblowing service julian assange she'll be giving a press conference today from inside the ecuadorian embassy in london of course has now been two years since he took refuge there knowing that if he puts one foot outside the front door he will be arrested and we spoke to an investigative journalist and friend of our songe kristinn hrafnsson. but i never expected it to be such a long time and it's absolutely outrageous that he has been in the ever don't ever
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see for more than that i treat them more than two years because he entered the embassy on june nineteenth two thousand and twelve so his human rights are being violated and the situation must come to an end into goes without saying that this of course has an effect on the well being of the video to be in a close space of not being able to be outside if this is even visited worse comes to the condition in most prisons at least people get at least one hour. door a day he hasn't been out to the side for more than two years. thunder and lightning for centuries mankind has been amazed as well as terrified of the threatening beauty of nature's fury about these days it's actually been domesticated and now we can even throw thunderbolts at the push of a button and a trunk over points. shooting thunderbolts at the click of
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a button. that takes something as tall curvy and alien looking as these three hundred tons of capacitors and wires deep in the woods and who cares that it's decades old when it can do this. this monster machine split second output is enough to power a city like moscow twice over but it's not there to kick out power stations hollywood effects maybe no but it could save your life this is just loot we use it to test the impact of likening on things like aircraft if a plane a struggle by a thunderbolt and it could cause a disaster but here we're testing models to make sure the planes are properly protected and the designers know where to place their vital equipment one such test means at least a couple of thousand zaps the longest lightning zigzag ever produced here was over two hundred meters no surprise then that the home of man made thunderstorms has
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become a magnet for fans and tourists and i think i was the luckiest. it's finally dark outside now it's only a matter of this with. the train co r t. thanks for joining us here and also international we come to you live from moscow up next here on the network so free show but not say talking with a former canadian defense minister who insists we are not alone in the universe though if you're zero in the u.k. you're about to be joined by peter lavelle it comes across to.
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trust me i like video games you could tell from my physique but they like all media can distort reality in the minds of kids and one swedish journalist in something very unusual to step his kids back into the real world journalist carl magnus held in sun seemed almost addicted to the legendary military first person shooter game call of duty so since they like killing people online with guns he decided to take them to the gaza strip to show them what war is all about mr helder and brought his boys to a refugee camp where they could see injured kids just like themselves getting their wounds to stop they got to see all the blood and tears apparently this in your face method of parenting works and his children have stopped their on line war this strategy might sound a little extreme and we're all very expensive i can't afford to fly my family to israel to prove a point but sometimes all the to be smacked in the face with reality as a man there's something attractive about roman conquests our ranks of musket fire and a pulley on a conflict those images are nice but the reality is blood and death and if more kids could have the same experience as
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a healthy family well we might have less war mongers around but that's just my opinion. own. her. own. her. own. home.
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these are just soldiers this bet's no soldier russia's internal special forces but being tough and good with a gun may not be enough for these extreme terrorists. only the most capable will be to the end. of. those whose dreams can melt away exhaustion all ranks put themselves through fire smoke and water but not from money or promotion all that. is the coveted crimson bearer. hello welcome to sofia and co i'm so full shave are not sam paul haley or serve desta canadian minister of defense in the one nine hundred sixty s. shaping the country's armed forces for years to come it was only in his retirement
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that he says he made a life changing discovery he became the first cabinet level politician from educated country to publicly state that there is extraterrestrial life present on earth is this an elaborate fantasy our alley in science fiction or race or something to claims of their existence. for ages humanity has wondered this is there anything else in the cold darkness of space skeptics say there is no proof but there have always been those who did to dream and some even claim to this seen things through the room. exist already here do they pose a threat or a chance for salvation. honorable paul halley or a former minister of defense of canada and he believes that live forums from space .


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